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Yes, like everyone else who venture into internet business and own websites, we want to know the best options to get website indexed as soon as possible which of course means more business. Well, allow me to share a little strategy of here, one of the fastest way is actually by writing and publishing articles and press releases, and get it distributed all over the internet.

Are you being surprised on such simplest way? Or you were expecting me to explore some long boring, and complex options? Hey, I'm not that techie, so do most of others. We are here just to earn so income, that the reason we go into business right? So let's get to the ground and examine this simple way further.

One of the best ways we can do to generate more traffics to any of our website is to obtain inbounds back links from others right? Allow me to clarify here, what we are looking for are those one way links back to our site which are of higher quality to the SE. Reciprocal links are alright still, but one fine day the search engines would be catching up on that! Don't just rely on this strategy and put your online business at potential risk.

There isn't a real value in Reciprocal links except more on "Virtual Business Trading". You see, if you could achieve hundreds if not thousands of relevant one way links channeling back to your website, you are getting best of both world! You are going to get traffics coming from the one way links channels, and also from the increased ranking or search position in SE. Would that be truly great?

Are you getting excited and rushing to get started on this strategy? Hold on first, before anything else, you have got to realize that writing, publishing and distributing articles is not just a one time work. It is in fact a continuous and recurring task. It will be part of your business strategy plan, your business marketing plan!

As with your business activities, you must practice article writing and related tasks on daily basis. Somehow you might wonder, is the time spent worth it? By sitting down and start typing, how would you gain? Well, be assured that this would be time well spent for your business! Rather than cranking your head deep down with those complex strategy and tactics, why not get yourself with this simple and effective strategy?

In fact, there are a whole bunch of article directories out there. They are in real hunger for content! If you got a well written article, I bet you that they will start to chase for you! And With RSS technology, you would be surprised if they are all set to draw contents from your sites almost instantly whenever you update a new content.

In my own experience, some of my articles get published as fast as within 2 days, and it get indexed sometimes later on the same day being published. If my articles are published in well established sites, the link back will bring my website showing up in the major SE as fast as the following day due to the SE are crawling the site on daily basis!

So my dear friend, this surely beats waiting for months in doing some complex or techie thing like SE Optimization right? And if you are like me whom am totally off hand in SE Optimization things, I bet it will cost you money just to get your site optimized by some expert.But then you would be wondering, "How on earth could I submit to whole hundreds bunch of those article directories?" Of course, under normal situation, one would really have to spend thousands of hours in doing that. But there have been many great tools available on internet, there are also some kind of automated article submitting software to help make the submission task easier! Furthermore, there is also a wide selection of article distribution service available of which you could tap into their good network.

In my case, I utilize a combination of these article distribution services. Again, with ZERO advertising budgets to spend, I could only utilize their Free Service with limited distribution range. But hey buddies, I have seen my site back linking increased from about 50 to more than 500 within 2weeks! What else I could ask for more for a free service?

Now, for the second option on Press Release strategy, it is another great tool for marketer's Marketing Secret Weapons. Not only in brick and mortal traditional business, this strategy could work wonders too for online business!

Of course, just as with articles publishing and distribution, it can't be a just "One Time" work also. But, unlike article publishing strategy, you don't need to do Press Releases on daily basis. Doing it on either weekly or bi-monthly basis would be much sufficient for that kind of marketing effect. It will also go a long way in generating the traffic while getting your website indexed fast.If you combine the above 2 methods in promoting your websites, you will be able to experience much quicker indexing than other methods. In the same time it also drive traffic to your websites fast almost instantly as readers who feel interested in your articles or Press Release will click thru and reach your website.

What's next? Don't wait, get your self start in doing the above 2 simple strategy! Little to your awareness, your website might just be indexed the next day!

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