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Optimizing your webpage for search engines is an important factor in being noticed on the web. Although many companies specialize specifically in Search Engine Optimization and there are many services available, free search engine optimization is also a possibility.

The first step in SEO is to know your competition. Go to your competitor's sites and analyze them. Notice the keywords they are using. Look at their source code and see what their meta tags and title tags are. Analyze their keyword density and what links are directed toward and away from them. After you have a firm grasp on what your competitors are doing, you will be in a much better position to beat them. When working on your site content, it's important to develop good meta and title tags. Don't use the same keywords as your competitors, but similar ones that are perhaps somewhat less competitive.

Overture has a free online tool that can help you easily create multiple keywords from one term. The title tag is the most important. It needs to be short and concise. The title appears on the first line of search engine results, so take the time to create a good one. Beyond that, the description tags are also important. They describe your site to the search engines and are not visible to viewers.

The keyword tag should consist of the most important keywords around which your website revolves. The keywords can be single words or phrases and are separated by commas. Once your website is set to go, you can submit it to the search engines. Be sure that the URL is correct and there are no spelling errors. The best places to submit your URL for free are: Webcrawler, Alexa, Excite, and OpenDirectory.

You can submit your site to several other directories for a fee.Even if you have the time, submitting to all of these directories can be boring, tedious, and require a lot of attention to detail. Therefore, directory submission services are usually well worth the money and can really help in you getting a good page rank. Off-page optimization consists of procuring backlinks to your site from other pages. The more outside links pointing to you, the higher you will rank in the search engines. Backlinks can be accomplished through having a link in your blog signature, reciprocal links with other similar sites, and by writing press releases or articles (which can be submitted freely )

All of these elements can be helpful in optimizing your webpage and moving it up in search engine results. In order to maintain any kind of ranking, though, web publishers must be vigilant in search engine optimization and always be working on and improving their content and design.

Content is King . Regardless of whether it is on your site, in your ads, or in articles to help promote your site, content is the king of attracting visitors. While there are some low-ball methods used to keep keyword densities high on websites and in web content, the true results aren't worth it. If the information you provide is not written in a reliable manner with a reasonable keyword density (2%) the chances of a visitor clicking thru to your site, or returning to your site are slim.

People are looking for a site they can trust to provide accurate, useful information and products. They could care less about how many time the phrase they searched is shown on the page. They want real information. In fact, when it is obvious that the phrase is repeatedly used, many people consider the information provided to be second-class. Thus, your credibility and chance of gaining a loyal customer goes down the drain.

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