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Google Adsense bot,Freshbot and Deep Crawl Indexing

First we are disscussing about a "bot" is a piece of software from a search engine that is built to go through every page of your site, included at particular category, and stores into a database.

Google has three well known bots: "The Adsense Bot", "the Fresh Bot" and "the Deep Crawl ".

The Adsense Bot is used for publishers who have Adsense on their sites. As soon as a new page is created, the JavaScript within the Adsense code sends a message to the

Adsense bot, and it will come within 15 minutes to index the page so that it can serve up the most relevant ads.

But, we are only mainly concerned about the DeepCrawl and the Freshbot.

The Freshbot crawls the most popular pages on your website. It does not a matter if that is one page or hundreds or thousands. Sites like , and have pages that are crawled every ten minutes, since Google has learned that those pages have that amount of frequent changes. A typical site should expect to have a freshbot visit every weeken days, depending on how popularize those pages are.

What happens to your site on a Freshbot visit is that it finds all of the deeper links in your site. It places those links into a database so that when the DeepCrawl occurs, it has a reference. Once a month, the DeepCrawl bot visits your site and goes over all the links found by the Freshbot. This is the reason why it can take up to a month for your entire site to be indexed in Google - even with the addition of a Google Sitemap.Once you are google sitemap created sucessfully for your website. Google sitemap also useful to get indexed all pages of Your website from google searchengine.

So, be patient and keep on adding content to your site, and work on getting valuable in-bound links to your site - Google will reward you for it.

Last year Google set up the sitemaps program to help webmasters make it easier for their site's pages to be found by the Google spider. To participate, you have to construct an XML file with information about each of your site's pages and upload this to the main directory of your website. XML files are the same kinds of files used in RSS syndication, but in this case the XML file is meant only to provide information for the Google robot.

If you don't know how to make an XML file or you have a very large website with hundreds of pages it is best to use an XML sitemap generator. A free, online Google Sitemaps generator can be found at

Once you have made your XML sitemap and have uploaded it to your server, go to and set up a sitemaps account with Google. When you log into your account you will see a tab at the top of the page that says Add. Click it and then check the box, add "General Web Sitemap". You will be asked to put the url of your sitemap. Normally the url of your sitemap will be

The Google sitemaps program is particularly important if you have a large, data base driven site or ecommerce website with many pages that you want to be available in Google searches.

If you want to increase traffic to your site, check and see how many of your pages have actually been included in the various search engines, and then take steps to make sure that all of them are included in future search engine updates. Your efforts to improve the search engine friendliness of your site will be well rewarded.

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