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SEO-Directories,Articles,Forums,Chennai India
SEO-Directories,Articles,Forums,Chennai India
SEO-Directories,Articles,Forums,Chennai India

To achieve a high rank on search engines, your website needs Back links. In this article we explore ways to achieve this.There are multiple ways of getting Back links to your website.

The aim of some websites is to list a large number of other websites in their directory. They do this in order to attract visitors who may be looking for the type of websites they have in their directory. Some directories are free whilst others charge a fee for inclusion - or a fee for skipping the normal queue of websites waiting to be reviewed and listed. In most cases, inclusion in directories will increase your rank as you get high quality links to your site. Note however that some directories do not offer quality links even though they charge you for inclusion. Before paying for inclusion you should determine if the page rank of the directory is so high that it is worth the investment to pay for inclusion. If not, simply choose other directories. The directory is large, comprehensive and free. It can however take months from submitting your URL to dmoz until they accept it. For links to this and other directories, follow the link to resources on the author's website below.

Writing and publishing articles on the internet is a good and cheap way of getting inbound links to your site. A large number of websites accept articles written by non-professional writers as long as they are of a minimum standard and they will post them at no cost to you. Some article websites allow the articles to be used on other websites as long as the author's resource box is included. In an article you may link to your own website and thereby get your inbound links. One article may be submitted to as many articles websites as you like, so the work for writing and submitting one article can give you many inbound links. Submitting articles to article websites can be a tedious and time consuming activity. You may therefore choose to use an offer from certain websites for them to submit your articles for you. You can write articles on any subject you like or hire someone to write an article for you. Websites with articles often have a high page rank so the links to your website can be of high quality. As with directories, you may want to determine the page rank of a site with articles before submitting your article. Articles have the added bonus of attracting visitors to your site because they may show you as an expert on the subject matter of the article.

There are a multitude of discussion forums on the internet. If you post to a forum and include a link to your website you get an inbound link instantly. Some website administrators will go onto forums simply to post a reply to a message with a 'yes, I agree with what that other person wrote' and may thereby get an inbound link. Posting to forums is a simple and effective way of getting inbound links, but if you post nonsense, then very few internet users will follow any of the links to your website.

There are many other ways of getting inbound links and we shall mention just a few here. Pixel advertising sites offer links to your site for free or for a very low cost. If you invest your time this may be a way to get as many as a thousand free inbound links, but they are unlikely to be of very high quality and you will have to spend a very long time. Follow the link in the resource box below to find sites listing pixel advertising sites that offer free advertising. Other sites will offer you a free space for an ad or a link to your site. If it's totally free, it is probably not of very high quality.

Reciprocal linking is the practise of exchanging links with other sites. They link to yours if you link to theirs. While this gives you inbound links, it also means you have to link to other sites which can degrade your own page's rank.

In this article we have discussed how to get inbound links to your website for the purpose of increasing your page rank. We have seen how forums, articles websites and online directories are a good means for achieving this goal.

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