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R.Nandakumar Search Engine Marketer Chennai India.
Search Engine Marketing Services Chennai India.
R.Nandakumar Serach Engine Marketer Chennai India.

The Vision of starting the SEM aroused, when we hosted our company Official website which is involved in Manufacturing and Marketing products related Security in Medium scale. After Hosting it we tried in search Engine, the result is nil, since the site has been designed by a WEB Designing Company we contacted them for reason of not listing in Search Engine the answer was it will take sometime.

We were not satisfied and also we lost our patience so started working on it. Initially we listed our company details in available free listing directories in search engine, the result was okay,indue course of time those asked us to go for paid one along with WEB PAGE Design by them for our Site, Even though the initial amount for their was high we went for it. Things were fine initially, in due course of time my site was available only in their WEB address along with other people who are in the same field creating unwanted competition. When contacted they asked us to go for WEB DESIGN PROMOTION, which is to hefty for any medium scale concerns and more they are charging the same for every year which again immaterial.

Then I R.NandaKumar CEO of the company came to conclusion why don't we do the job for our Company. I started learning in reputed Institution related to Web designing and other courses which laid the Foundation to promote our Own WEBSITE in a successful manner.

I also realized how many companies will be in a position to offer a hefty amount to promote their company and their products .Then I decided to start my own Company for SEM.

Our vision is clear in this and we have gained a sound Knowledge In this subject to offer a better service in different manner from other People.

SEO Professional R.Nandakumar Chennai India.
Yes our experience will make your requirement perfect.

Our company Prices for designing a website with search engine optimization is affordable for everyone who is in need of website for promoting their products and getting enquiries online.

Web CEO Certified

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